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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Announcing "Rating Central"

Since the beginning in 1999, tracking the moves of Wall Street's top analysts has been a key feature of Now we are taking that tracking to a whole new level with "Rating Central."

Ratings Central is our new, powerful mini-portal page that gives users a one-stop-spot to view all the major goings-on in the world of Wall Street stock ratings.

First, users will be given a list of all the Upgrades, Downgrades and New Coverage for the day, ranked by daily % move. Click on the rating change and get a link to the details of the change, if available.

In addition, each stock has its own individual rating history page which shows the latest rating from each broker that covers the stock and the % move since the last rating. Also over time you will be able to seen a firm's past rating changes for a specific stock, and % move the stock had during the time of the rating.

You can see an example of Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) rating history page
here. Looking at GOOG's ratings history for example, you can see that Susquehanna has had a 'Positive' rating on GOOG since 9/22/04. If you had listened to them then you would have been up 302%. So maybe if they ever move to downgrade GOOG, you know that these guys know what they're talking about with the stock. It might be wise to follow them in the future.

With the ratings history, all rating changes from August 1, 2010 going forward have been added to the system so far, and on some of the bigger stocks like AAPL, PFE, CSCO, GOOG, MSFT, INTC, etc. a history has been updated back to 2005 for each firm's last ratings change. Over time, we will be archiving all the additional stocks at least back to 2009, and of course you will be able to see everything going forward.

Ratings Central also has a consolidated news feed, covering 'Analyst Comments', 'Downgrades', 'New Coverage', and 'Upgrades.'

Each trading day we will also highlight a major Rating Change that comes from an analyst with a good track record.

The permanent link for 'Ratings Central is:
Please bookmark it today.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature from Look for more to come soon! Contact us with any comments or suggestions.

Lon Juricic