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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Introducing M&A Central's powerful new mini-portable page "M&A Central" has officially launched, and with merger activity heating up the timing couldn't be better!

You can find "M&A Central" Here

The basic concept behind "M&A Central" is to give investors and traders a one-stop-spot for all the going-ons in the world of Mergers and Acquisitions.

There are seven major components:

1. Merger Search - simply type in a ticker and see past merger activity for that stock (dating back to 2005)
2. Merger News - real-time M&A news
3. Top Deals - a list of the top deals in the U.S. with links to details
4. Rumor News - real-time takeover rumor news
5. Top 50 Takeover Targets - an editorially reviewed real-time ranking of the top 50 takeover targets in the market.
6. Higlighted Deal: Highlighting a specific merger deal.
7. Merger Arbitrage - tracking live spreads on pending merger deals. Also if you click on the company name you can track all future news for this deal, either by setting up an e-mail alert, tracking the RSS feed or checking the web page. The Merger Arbitrage table is also sortable by company, ticker, acquirer, announced date, deal price, current price, spread and expected close.

The permanent link for M&A Central
Please bookmark it today.

We hope you enjoy this great new feature. Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions.

Look for more new features from in the near future!

Lon Juricic


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